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Arianna - Crystal Rifter
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United States
Kaichou wa Maid sama
I know you would never understand why I abhor all of you.
kaichou wa maid sama 01 1280x720 h264149f1eb522 kaichou wa maid sama 01 1178

I am extremely grateful and lucky to have met Jesse.
He has helped me in more ways that any of your simplistic, mediocre minds could ever comprehend.

Especially those two overrated Randomly Generated Homosexual Programs controlled by Saturn: Noobrat and Mudhut.

I am against how this socially backwards society gives credit to those with no talent, genius or charisma yet it shuns and ignores brilliant men that are overflowing with both talent and charisma like my Jesse hubby.
He has helped me online with so many countless things over a very long time period yet I have not shown him the credit and the appreciation that he has EARNED!
A lot of it has to do with the fact that I need to be more careful about being dumbed down by all of you worthless cretins online as well as by other societal factors.

('Agressive Protectives Monitor Lizard Girl i ams now.*)

Friend Code on my 3DS: 1478-2931-5105 - Name: Crystal

1452043 693510287333693 1319286465 n
1157693 642991749052214 2008923118 n
I Just Told You……
^Skyz Spirit Animal - What those should know when Approaching her..

I am engaged to a man that I love very much so show some respect for both him as well as myself.
What part of "All Perverts Must BACK OFF!!!" do you semi evolved male simians not understand?
My body pics are reserved for my husband only!
I am aspiring to become a model and would love to meet other young females that are also doing the same.
Keep in mind that I love my Jesse eternally and he loves me eternally too.
We have a bond that cannot ever be broken in this and the next realm after so THINK before you illiterate cretins attempt to message me and try using your brain to do this instead of using your wee little widdlers to think for you......kiddos.

I am very eccentric and independant. I am a very rare and different type of animal and not one to be conned or fooled by any of those illiterate, smooth talking apes that think they can con me or take advantage of my kind nature like most of the mediocre minded girls out there. I am glad that I am a powerful Human, Residual DNA, Voting Cattle eating Dragoness which none can compares ..* <3
Except of course for my Jesse hubbyz!
He is vociferous in his eating habits and more of a Residual DNA, Human Voting Cattle eater than even I am!


*Sky-Lizard Aztec-Amazon Princess Of Light/Darkness.* - Princess Of the Hybrids ..
-- Yeah'zaz..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Highly, -Misunderstood Shy-Little, Monitor-Sage-Lizard-Tailed Amazon-like Girl..*
-I am very strong hearted, over-forgiving..<3
** Yepz..………
^Is Skyz Lols. *!^~^!* //// I Sassyz <3

undine vore large by noobrat d6x94f4

My family watched a T.V. show that was warning people of internet fraud and those that would scam me in some way.
Therefore I must be very careful of who I talk to online as all of you are potentially suspicious so my lizard instincts must be up at all times.

Foolish Hearted Naive Lizard Girl -Trusts You Allz
I forgive you all for conning me for my time!

**** NOTICE:

Anything 'feminine' all in my pictures are mostly taken from how i actually 'See Myself' in this world and feel and no other.
The vore is all representing of me taking control of all complicated situations in my life so greatly that my victims are fearful yet adoring of me to do so as i must, to be a stronger smarter individual girl in this world and not fall into - boring organized line or anti-individualism within myself.
I have so much dreams and thought within me they mind not taking the forbidden dive inside me for a sudden change to see what i see and feel as i feel ..* I can get too idealistic and grabby at times and demanding so of course i am the kind that has to be dominated by one who can capture me as his weapon and control me as his own - hence: his very desires and vast ambitions and control must always surpass my very own even though mine seems unlimited.
That of which is my hubbyz job - which who i fell in love withs.

Also, I have even been known to fave pictures that resemble different themes and likenesses 'of me' here alot mostly in Dev-art, because i am very sure of myself. Also of pics depicting me with my lover even imagining the roles of us two in actions togethers in scenes etcz.

So i am pretty much a straight Lady, . . in case many of, 'those types of people' still lurk in the wonder about me.

'All the female characters i draw are all actually my Spiritual/Souls inside me are depicting that of myself.
Anything sexual i draw is how-exactly i see myself and i have no interest in other girls i have my hubby so i am his Object onlys for his lovings.'

Sometimes I express myself through exotic actions in my drawings through the many sides of me i guess.* They are all Different sides of my personalities in who i am inside. <3

All the Male sides of the pics i draw here are all 'Hero or Villain Type story-arch theme type Characteristics.'
-I express what all i see from the males outside myself in this outside world from mostly movies/TV and all society itself.


My Graphic Novel In Works;

skyrifter the invinciblez attacks destiny kids
crystal skyrifter arianna animated 1 by skyrif
Lilly Violet Dances Colored by Sky Rifter
deep tunnel inner mountain base destiny kids b
agenta human form destiny kids 7 colored b
destiny kids 11 princess of starlight auror
ancient alien drone spike fighter colored by s
ancient alien heat seeker colors still pendi
angie from 2036 2058 colored by skyrifter d4c1b
aurora afterlife star goddess by skyrifter d2znd
bug woman colored 1 by skyrifter d4b9o3e
chain first ever color scheme almost perfected
dr bugman evemada movie 4s ultimate villain b
evil humanoid color scheme recoiler guys by sk
flying hover bike crafts colored by skyrifter
hiyate humanoid fighter colored by skyrifter d
julean faces turtletroid colored by skyrifter
julean human form destiny kids 1 colored by
lilly violet her sexual hunger for youz by sky
Lilly Violet Neck Strangled by Sky Rifter
lilly violet vores spiro troops colored by skyri
nathan is nitrion colored human alien form by
nitrion flying forward his first coloring by
powerful legs feline bolt julean form colore
sexy lilly violet enticement pose colored by s
shellian drone colored by skyrifter d4rmxxn
skyrifter hungry sexy maneating lizard girl by s
Undine Aquatic Girl Colored by Sky Rifter
undine leaning tongue jumps colored by skyrift
undine watches forwards stance by skyrifter d4
vaporizer color blue print now colorized by skyr

>I am Justz one who draws my own creations mostly, hardly any copy-art of already established popular characters in anime or cartoonist medias.
-Justz original puddings SkyGirl is mostly made up of..
&z too feel so ashamed for its.*<3

- *!^_^!* - I amz just too DERPYZ a girl ..

However, my soul is NOT on sale for everyone to use me up - Lolz.*
It is reserved exclusively for my Jesse Hubbyz ONLY!
- I saids i ams Notz an Object!*

skyrifter girl colored 797979 by skyrifter d4rfz

- Some my work may seemz kinda weird, - But i am actually very highly modest in what i draw - hardly ever any violent stuffz - Alsoz all my charas are covered-up pretty much. I actually hate blood & guts in cartoons alotz!* <3

> This IS PROOF I cannot draw on a Computer -Therefore my art looks Derpy, if i ever try, kz..? *…

-, However, .. this is always nice to compare too the pros of Dev art.…

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Cool stuff here.
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Hello, I loved your LEGO models , are very great. Greetings and sorry my English . It is not my native language.
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Johancipluk Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015
i think you're beauty enough if you act and dress more girly..

just a comment after look at your gallery...

once again...just a comment...
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SkyRifter Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Q: What do you call a girl on the internet with NO selfies?

A:  Guy In Real Life  (GIRL)

Rainbow sad 
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feh2 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 18, 2015
Posting your body pics for everybody and their grandma to see and then getting your panties in a twist when somebody compliments you makes you look, well, not so bright. 

If they're "reserved" as you say, then take them down, and stop attention-whoring.

Besides, you're not all that.
AlexMercerMercenary Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
Thanks for the favs


I found that on google

Here's the original…
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PleaseImJustaGirl Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014
 I could have used a Strong Friend like you once upon a time.
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SkyRifter Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Everyone is against me latelys, .. My jinn is making me do things i do not mean.


All i can think abouts latelys is my jesse..'
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SkyRifter Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, .. they are real, they are called Jinns.

They cause me to have a split personality at times.
The one inside me has been getting a bit over feminist lately,
so please reframe from dirty comments or cat-calling comments.

She takes me over and attacks and blocks people alots and i cannot control her within me at times.  

So when this happens, just remember i wasn't ever lying .. // *
KingBooKirby Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Student Artist
Spirits taking over...
...I'm sorry, what?
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SkyRifter Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
!0_0!  // i not sures.
Crying-Vegeta Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
What would you do if this happened?…
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SkyRifter Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't thank my Jesse enough for everything that he has done for me over the last 2 years.

He has taught me so much about how society works and he has defended me from all those seemingly endless unrandomly generated programs that have come out of nowhere just to say something stupid to me in the hopes that if enough idiocy is thrown my way then some of it will rub off on me.

These sheeple are not real in the spiritual sense and they really are programs just like those in an arcade video game that are programmed to attack the main character.

Thomas 'Neo' Anderson
SapphireEagle Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
Thanks so much for the watch! :D
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