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September 15, 2011
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Hungryz Aztec Serpent - Lizard Princess SkyRifter by SkyRifter Hungryz Aztec Serpent - Lizard Princess SkyRifter by SkyRifter
Hybrid ALIEN Sky-Serpent / Lizard-Girl..*
^Picture explains Why i'm so crazy & dangerous to all-mankind.*

^Link Of the Warningz..

(Skies Crazy-ass Rantz;)

>Don'tz Make Me COME Through Your Computer Screen & Swallow you Upz!* -Humanz. ...,

-Provoke me'z, I Shall swallow you upz.<3

^Vid-links; explains what i am. 'Real ancestor, alien/being.'
Pay attention humanz well.

I am a very dangerous Star-Light/Being, - Truly like no other,
I have tremendous appetite for Knowledge/Mostly Being Forbidden Knowledge's, "Things Mankind Was Not Meant to know, ... "

I Am/the JINN StarSpirit which fused and inhabits her soul - Completely secretly Obsessed with trying to figure out ways to manipulate mankind's history, & turning the world into an abyss where my Extreme ideas to turn the planet into a HYBRID Civilizations.
One of Skyz Ultimate ambitions the ZARK-WORLD...* -An End of Days Kind of Otherside/Wasteland of the earth, an alternate dimension Mankind cannot see coexisting with them in their living rooms. In an alternate frequency is my true home-world.

Animals crossed with human DNA, Superhuman, Humanoids, Cyborgs, Aliens, Hybrids, Invaders,
The Jinn, Star-beings, Angels, Demons, Reptilians, Etc.*

>SkyRifter, i wear the many armors of light/ layer after layer on this body to give appearance as a regular human being, just like one of youz.*

-Butz don't be fooled; underneath this skin lays the power
of a tremendous Man-eating monster that Wishes For only the Talents of mankind<3

YOUR/ All Mankind's GOLD MEANS Nothing to me; She Only hungers and wishes for the infinite Power to create new things, inventions, histories & never known before knowledge"s, plus+ Love eternally...*

Infinite Treasure Trove; The power to create infinitely & give birth to new things/ideas, life itself, is the True Golden Power of God-itself/ or the Gods, Pandora's Box etc.

If the Powers that be; KNEW-exactly Of what i am going to do too their time-line, in the present they would not be wasting their time Lining up their pockets or their physical leaders for an uncertain gamble of power upon the future earth which shall soon come to realization of beng dominated controlled by her influences unseen as they are not prepared for her Rising upon them.


I was LEFT-Behind Via a Time-traveler, i'm merely a female Parasite left to continue the works of the REAL- John Titor's
timeline's past.


^Scary stuffs, but very very real.. The Famous Internet Time Traveler has left me in this time-line to cause a terrible Catalyst upon the years ahead, 2013
is the year of the YACATISMA Card.

Weaponization of Space, lasers which can bring buildings down from the heavens on the moon itself.

-Mere things I hint at here & there from time too time are future things, forbidden fruits of the future i can see, have discovered.

-Project Blue-beam, Camelot, project V.I.A.M.U.S. the Scientology & those under the Pope /experts will soon eventually come to fear, Starships to leave the earths governments and religions set up by radicals Sky predicts this future also space colonies etc.
the great AZTEC Amazon Sky-Serpent who has come to influence either the Light/Darkness or Paralyzing the Demented of all mankind.

Do not be fooled by my looks, I am an Alien/Reptilian/Mixed Hybrid,Star/Jinn-being genetically enhanced Escapee.*

>If in fact "THEY' the Governments ever Got a-hold of me; They would want to dissect me bit by bit, put me in a science tube & do all sorts of perverted things to my super-enhanced-lizard-like/stretchy snake body.

-Butz you'll never lay a hand upon mez, I operate from a U.S.O.
Just like that of the great 'Utsuro bune legends', i am descendant of those aliens secretlyz.*

-I REFUSE To go through Your *!X_RAY!* Plane Scanners; or else they might see / "Find* What they've really set up those things to scout & pat you down for, SkyRifter!

They are searching for Jinn just like me'z... Lolz.*
-Everything I do is done for a reason; Even if it may seem like I'm being foolish & risky; I use these events, histories as Variables , event switches to manipulate Both/ the past & the future at will, ...

Time is like an infinite Ring;

All the great Monuments of the PAST are really from your great great future's - future, they were just glitched Ripped Through Time & set upon your world, to confuse you humans.
&z to HEAL the past atomic/or alien/light-being/jinn bomb attacks. -before we only reinvented the atomic bomb itself.

THAT is the true power of Variable -Time & Space Event Switch Manipulation I am talking about, Where they find the equivalent of a JET Engine in the great pyramids or Box of metal gear sunken in the sunken cities of Atlantis; Ancient Aliens, or TIME-loops?? -Think about it American-heroes. *!^_^!*

History is written via the Victors; DEAD Men tell No Tales, or do they?

An Atomic Bomb from the Future rippling through time & space tearing dimensional fabrics causing the great floods of Noah & all the disasters of all mankind, Back & forth equivalent events through timelines Past and present -variables exchanged. -Like a ripple in a bath-tube, 'One' splash pushes Time Forwards & backwards, Which is what explains all your forbidden abnormalities within various events and weather or histories..*
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azlone22 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013
I would bow to her and hope she is able to transform me into one of her hybrid sisters.

I LOVE the colors you use.
Symphis-Silian Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
What is this? 
SkyRifter Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*!0_0!* ...

/// is supposed to be Skyz actuallys.*


Symphis-Silian Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
Perhaps I should rephrase my question. How were you formed? Where did your spirit come from? Are you a Maiar? How are you to be manipulated? Why are you obsessed with turning our world into a Hybrid civilization? Are there more of you? Who are your allies? What is to be expected if you were to manipulate humans into this "Hybrid civilization"? Why do you consume men? What else do you consume? How dangerous are you? Do you have any enemies? How is it that the Powers-that-be do not know of your plans?

InsaneKane87 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A pretty damn epic piece here.
SkyRifter Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
-Iz mes.* -Someday Sky will find the right person who can help her
colors her works,
That's way she can speeds up her drawing processes..<3
WhimsicalWordWizard Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Professional Writer
I'll be happy to colour your works for you!
As well as helping you with writing and putting captions on all your work as well.
I want to help you in many other ways if you'd let me instead of you always pushing me away from you.
SkyRifter Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*!^~^!* Mmmphz captures youz with my lizzy-lady tongue
takes you in me, Now work your Sky-Girl from within my dearyz.*
InsaneKane87 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well I still think it's absolutely amazing. :)
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